Shaving cream suggestions

Since I wrote my first article about shaving cream, I figured I also need to provide some choices to get you started easy and safe.


I already used a lot of shaving creams, some worked better for me, some worse. For some of them, I just didn’t like the scent. And sometimes, I just couldn’t create a good lather by the life of me, no matter how hard I tried.


What I want to say with all this is that not every shaving cream is for everybody. What I find good, you could find bad. There are many factors influencing this decision.


But to get you started and give you an easy way in, I will suggest 5 shaving creams, which I liked, and could also work for you. I’ll try to give you a nice selection of different scents, so that you have the possibility to choose what could be appealing to you.

Shaving cream 1: Proraso Eucalyptus: Always created a good, but not the best lather for me. The scent is very mild and not at all excessive. I have read that some people find it to be stinging, possibly because of some allergy or sensitivity to the eucalyptus. If you think this could be the case for you, just skip this one. For me, it always felt nice and refreshing.

Shaving cream 2: Mühle Aloe Vera: This creme is made for sensible types, and it feels that way. Very smooth on the skin, provides a rich lather and a nice shave. The scent is not very pronounced, but represents the typical aloe vera product.

 Shaving cream 3: D.R. Harris Lavender: Very abundant shaving cream which creates a nice lather. The scent is, as with most shaving creams, quite subtle. If you have any concerns about it smelling a bit to feminine, don’t worry, it doesn’t.

 Shaving cream 4: Geo F. Trumper Lime: I liked this one for the scent. Very refreshing, but also very subtle. The lather created with it is alright.

Shaving cream 5: The Art of Shaving Unscented: A shaving cream for sensitive skin, also unscented. Lather is very nice and rich. Can’t say much more, I prefer scented creams!

So get started now, buy one of those shaving creams, and try to create a lather with them. What I did not mention in my first articles is that you will need a brush to create lather. I will write an article about shaving brushes later, to get you started on that. Those brushes are very nice, even just as a collectible, and provide you with the lather that you will need to shave. Until then, get accustomed with the creams!


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